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Trump Was Committing Fraud While President

Trump fraud in New York ran until 2020, which means that as Nicolle Wallace said, Trump was committing fraud while president.

Video of Wallace:

NBC’s Tom Winter said when asked what stood out to him about the lawsuit against Trump, “A couple of different things. First off, the scope of this. That it continued up until 2020, when Trump, by that point, had to know that he was under investigation or at least questions were well swirling about what was going on in his world, and yet, according to the attorney general, didn’t lay them to step off the gas, that they kept going with some of the valuations that she now questions. So, I think that that’s interesting, number one. Number two –”

Wallace said, “That he was committing fraud while he was president.”

Donald Trump refused to divest or separate himself from his business interests while he was president.

Trump “left his business,” but he maintained an active and controlling interest in the Trump Organization, which later turned out to mean that Trump was still running and involved in his business from the White House.

Experts said that Trump’s conflict of interest plan was meaningless, which turned out to be true.

Nicolle Wallace was correct. While Trump was president, he was engaging in fraud in New York. When people referred to Trump as a criminal president during his time in office, they had no idea how correct they were.

Donald Trump is easily the most criminal person ever to be in the Oval Office.

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