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The Chaotic Politics of Lindsey Graham’s Abortion Bill

William Saletan: “If you’re devoutly pro-life, it can be exhilarating to watch a politician flaunt his resolve to prohibit all abortions in every state. But if you’re pro-choice, it’s alarming. And if you’re McConnell, it’s a headache. McConnell just wants to make things easy on Republican senators and Senate candidates. He doesn’t want Ron Johnson, Mehmet Oz, Adam Laxalt, and other purple-state GOP nominees to be put on the spot about a federal ban.”

“Apparently, Graham does. In the interview, he exhorted pro-lifers to hold Republican lawmakers’ feet to the fire. Without using McConnell’s name, he called for a direct assault on McConnell’s position.”

Said Graham: “Here’s the question for the pro-life movement: Are you going to accept the Republican party who tells you Washington is out of business? I don’t think you will. I don’t think you should.”

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