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Feeling Stuck? Here’s The Secret To Letting Abundance Flow

Feeling Stuck? Here’s The Secret To Letting Abundance Flow

As business owners, it’s easy to get hung up on marketing and money-making strategies. We get caught up in all the ‘doing’, the endless striving to create the success we dream of. If we’re not making progress, we blame ourselves and think we just have to work harder… it’s exhausting!

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But guess what? The reason that success isn’t flowing to us is because we’re not making ourselves available for it. Instead, we’re making ourselves available for our fears, our doubts and our worries, not realising that we actually have a choice in the matter.

The truth is that everything we want is available to us right now… we just have to open ourselves up to receiving it! When you do this and put your whole heart and soul into it, you’ll suddenly start noticing strange coincidences in your life. Opportunities pop up where there were only closed doors before, or certain people seem to cross your path at just the right time. Everything starts to feel so much easier because you’ve made yourself available for it.

So here’s how you can create the space for abundance to flow into your life, starting today.

1. Align yourself with what you really want

Connect with your inner self and imagine how it feels to live the life you truly want. Immerse yourself in the energy of success every single day until you are surrounded by it. When you put it out there, the universe answers back!

2. Visualise the reality you want in vivid detail

Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time to visualise’, give yourself permission to do it as often as possible! The more time you spend imagining and experiencing what you want in your mind, the more you open yourself up to receiving it.

3. Record your own affirmations, visualisations and mantras

This is one of my favourite tips because it’s so simple, yet so powerful. Listen to your own voice telling you that abundance and success is flowing to you. It’ll make you feel like you can do amazing things, even if you don’t know how yet!

The next time you feel stuck, do these three things and I promise you it will make such a huge difference in your life! If you want to hear more about visualising and manifesting (including how it’s helped me to build a 7-figure business) then check out the video below. 🙂

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