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Lars Nootbaar Shares A Heartwarming Albert Pujols Story

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Lars Nootbaar is one of many St. Louis Cardinals players who are in absolute awe of what their teammate, future Hall-of-Famer Albert Pujols, can do.

Pujols is called “The Machine” for a reason.

His numbers throughout his career are video game level numbers.

But beyond that, he’s played the role of a mentor to several of St. Louis’ young players, Nootbaar being one of them.

With Pujols approaching 700 home runs, as well as the end of his storied career, Nootbaar told Alexa Datt of Bally Sports Midwest, the TV network of the Cardinals, a nice little story about Pujols.

While in college, Nootbaar had a chance to meet Pujols.

It was raining outside, and Nootbaar decided to go up and talk to him, prompting a nice, 20-minute chat about hitting.


Nootbaar Shares Heartfelt Pujols Story

Aside from being a great mentor, Pujols is also a great human being and teammate.

Almost everybody associated with the Cardinals can tell you a nice little story about The Machine.

Pujols commands such a presence that it can be intimidating to want to go up and talk to him.

But when players approach him, he’s an open book and will share important tips about hitting, supporting his teammates through thick and thin.

That’s what makes Pujols so legendary.

The presence he commands is one of great respect and interest.

Hitters want to learn from him and apply his lessons to their approach.

Nootbaar is no different.

Having Pujols around is like having an extra hitting coach.

He knows things that most don’t about hitting.

But it’s nice that Nootbaar was able to look back and share a story about his teammate.

Pujols is a special player, and there may never be one quite like him ever again.

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