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Voters Changed Their Views of Republicans

Amy Walter: “In May, the Navigator Research survey found that just 43% of voters thought that Democrats were ‘mostly’ or ‘somewhat’ focused on the ‘right things,’ while 49% said Democrats were mostly or somewhat focused on the ‘wrong things.’ Republicans, however, were seen as somewhat more in touch: 47 percent said that Republicans were focused on the right things, while 44% thought they were concentrating on the wrong things.”

“By August, however, that GOP advantage had evaporated. Just 42 percent of voters thought the GOP was focused on the right things compared to 51% who said they were focused on the wrong things; a 12-point shift in the wrong direction. Even so, Democrats haven’t made up any ground. A majority (52%), think that Democrats haven’t been focused on the right things, while just 43% think that they have; a three-point shift in the wrong direction since May.”

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