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Trump Basically Admits He Had Nuclear Docs At Mar-a-Lago

Trump called the allegation that he had top secret nuclear docs at Mar-a-Lago a hoax, which in Trump speak means it is true.

Trump Claims Evidence Was Planted By The FBI

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Everything that Trump listed in his post was true. Trump was impeached twice. That’s not a hoax. The Mueller investigation found that the Trump campaign had a relationship with the Russians.

The strongest point that suggests that there were nuclear documents in Trump’s position is his claim that the FBI planted evidence against him.

It is not complicated. If there were no top secret nuclear documents at Mar-a-Lago, Trump could say that there were no nuclear documents at Mar-a-Lago, but by claiming that the evidence was planted, he was trying to discredit what the FBI found.

Trump Believes That He Had Unlimited Power As President

The arrows point toward Donald Trump stealing top secret documents because Trump’s concept of presidential power is that he was the United States and has unlimited power. Under that belief system, Trump would feel like he can take whatever he wants, including top secret documents.

Not enough attention is being paid to the fact that Trump withheld documents from the FBI and the National Archives. He lied and said that all materials were handed over when they were not.

The question needs to be asked every day what was Donald Trump planning on doing with the stolen documents?

Trump is the first former president to steal classified information on his way out the door, and his claim that the nuclear weapons allegation is a hoax, but the evidence was planted, is an admission of guilt.

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