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GOP Reversal Imperils Bill to Treat Veteran Ailments

“A broadly supported bill to expand medical care eligibility for millions of veterans who may have been exposed to toxins from burning pits of trash on U.S. military bases has become ensnared in a partisan fight over spending, leaving its fate uncertain after a large group of Republicans pulled their support,” the New York Times reports.

“The legislation, which would be one of the largest expansions of veterans benefits in history, had been expected to easily pass the Senate last week after receiving an overwhelming bipartisan vote in the House. An earlier version passed the Senate in June on a lopsided vote, with 34 Republicans voting in favor.”

“But Republicans abruptly withdrew their backing, with all but eight opposed to moving forward on it last week.”

Politico: “Senate Republicans are reversing course on a veterans health care bill, signaling they’ll now help it quickly move to President Joe Biden’s desk after weathering several days of intense criticism for delaying the legislation last week.”

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