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Baker Mayfield Struggling In Panthers Camp

(Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)


Matt Rhule’s job with the Carolina Panthers hangs in the balance of quarterback Baker Mayfield.

The team’s trade for the former Browns QB was one to save the job of Rhule this season.

However, after we’ve seen Mayfield in Panthers practice, it would appear he’s struggling.

These struggles might be a growing pain for him and his new team.

With this being a practice session, there’s plenty of time for him to improve.

But if he doesn’t, the Panthers, Mayfield, and Rhule will all be in for a long 2022 season.


Mayfield Shows In Practice He’s Still A Turnover Magnet

One concern for the former first-round quarterback is his turnover ratio every season.

Interceptions that he’s thrown during the regular season have killed off any chances of his team winning the game.

In two consecutive practices, Mayfield has shown off his ability to throw interceptions.

However, this could be a phase for him, with him unfamiliar with the routes and play of his new teammates.

But with the history of him in Cleveland, it seems more like the norm with him than a phase.

If he keeps this going into the regular season, he could become the second QB trade the Panthers regret making.


Matt Corral Is Waiting In The Wings To Take Over

With Mayfield showing flashes of his turnover abilities, and Carolina not having confidence in Sam Darnold, Matt Corral is their last resort.

However, he’s waiting for his number to be called when Carolina needs him the most.

The rookie QB is not only waiting, but wants to take that starting job.

While it could be a two QB race, Corral is the wild card that is looking to take over in Carolina.

Corral wants to become the starting QB for the Panthers by any means, making him a danger to Mayfield.

Mayfield needs to improve his play if he wants to keep that starting job possibility in his future.

However, he has some good news coming from practice, despite the negatives he showcased.


Mayfield Did Have Two Good Passes To Receivers In The End Zone

Despite throwing interceptions, the embattled quarterback had two good end zone passes to his receivers.

However, those receivers would drop those passes.

While they dropped those passes, it at least shows their QB can get the ball where it’s needed for touchdowns.

With this, Mayfield can’t be to blame, as he can’t control if his receivers can catch and hold on to the ball.

But this means the Panthers wide receiver core needs to improve to help their quarterback this season.

So with both sides needing work, it’s not all on Mayfield during these practice sessions.

However, if neither side makes these needed improvements, it will become an issue this season.

But outside of the interceptions, Mayfield needs to continue placing the ball on his receivers.

He can’t let the dropped touchdown passes affect his play in practice.

If he does, he could revert to his old self, where he’ll become ineffective as a quarterback for Carolina.

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