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‘Yellowjackets’ finale: The buzziest questions now we have sooner than Sunday evening’s episode

Buzz buzz buzz.

“Yellowjackets,” the searing Showtime sequence that takes the hellishness of youth (and womanhood) to a brand new stage, wraps up a season of nastiness, backstabbing and literal stabbing this Sunday.

However, with such a lot of free ends dangling, similar to the frame of the deer our Yellowjackets slaughtered and feasted upon, we are completely starving for more info about Shauna, Taissa and Nat … and Misty, too, that terror. Just like the conniving Jessica Roberts, we have were given numerous questions for the survivors of that doomed flight, so listed below are among the queries that stay us up at evening.

We’re going to channel Lottie for our premonitions– all of hers have come true to this point, no? — despite the fact that we all know we most probably would possibly not get the entire solutions we crave via the finale. However please, “Yellowjackets,” give us one thing to chunk on whilst we look ahead to season two.

Who killed Travis?

Travis (Kevin Alves) and Nat (Sophie Thatcher), as teens, found love in an UTTERLY hopeless place -- only for Travis to die as an adult.

Deficient Travis. From observing his father fall from a aircraft, to asking his love pastime to dig up his dad’s frame to fetch a hoop, to being hunted via a host of teenybopper ladies tripping on ‘shrooms, essentially the most brooding of the 3 male survivors has had a coarse cross of it within the woods. He makes it out, that a lot we all know, most effective to be discovered hanged on the finish of episode 3. Nat is 100% sure Travis don’t have achieved this — the 2 made a pact as soon as that they would by no means take their very own lives. And to this point, Nat has a tendency to be proper.

Our premonitions say … The jury’s nonetheless out, however … possibly Misty? She discovered Travis’ closing paystub that led them to the farm the place he labored — and the place he died — and we all know Misty have been monitoring down Travis as a “citizen detective” sooner than. Perhaps promising deets on Travis — after which killing him — was once a strategy to sucker Nat in after which untether her from one of the most few residing individuals who beloved her. Misty is obviously hurting for connection, and so is Nat, and Misty is obviously merciless sufficient to homicide her manner right into a pressured friendship.

Are some other Yellowjackets alive?

Could Jackie (Ella Purnell, center) have survived the wilderness, despite her absolute uselessness?

Taissa, Shauna and Nat made an indirect connection with different Yellowjackets being in the market in episode six, once they collect to talk about who is blackmailing them (a minimum of that is one resolution we have were given). Who is left, and are they as irrevocably tousled as our central foursome?

Our premonitions say … Most likely. The finale is a minimum of in part set at what seems to be a high-school reunion, and what amusing it could be if we see an grownup Jackie waltz in to make a multitude our main girls will take care of subsequent season. For Shauna’s sake, let’s hope Jackie isn’t alive to torment her — Shauna’s visions of her former BFF have already got that lined. For Melanie Lynskey’s sake, let’s hope we do! We need to see the sunglasses of that efficiency.

What does that image imply?

It is in every single place — drawn at the backs of the postcards the survivors had been blackmailed with, carved on bushes within the Canadian desert or even scrawled onto the floorboards of the creepy cabin the place they sleep. It haunts them in provide day, so we realize it should imply one thing very dangerous.

Our premonitions say … We’re going to look ahead to the display to provide an explanation for this one, despite the fact that Reddit sleuths have some grisly theories. It more or less looks as if a crude drawing of a lady you’ll see on a restroom signal — circle for a head, triangle for a get dressed — with a line drawn thru it, which turns out to suggest dying.

Is Lottie the “antler queen”?

We are presented to a cabal of cannibals within the pilot’s first couple of minutes, wearing animal hides, and the presumptive chief is dressed in antlers. We are nonetheless now not certain who is underneath the ones furs — despite the fact that we DO know Misty is amongst them, since she’s the one person who gets rid of her masks — however Lottie dons a crown of antlers all through episode 9, and she or he will get up to a couple lovely gnarly industry whilst she’s dressed in it.

Our premonitions say … Perhaps? The instant when she first wears the antlers felt like a coronation — one the display has been hinting at for a couple of weeks, via positioning Lottie in entrance of antlers at the partitions of the cabin. Or possibly any individual demanding situations or kills her for it by the point we see the “antler queen” within the pilot.

Is Taissa in reality sleepwalking, or is she possessed?

Adult Taissa (Tawny Cypress) is still noshing on dirt and hanging out in trees all these years later -- but why?

We nonetheless have no idea whether or not the display is embracing the supernatural or whether or not our heroes — and we, the audience — are complicated their post-traumatic tension for one thing extra sinister. Those flashes of the occult in reality may well be manifestations in their ache, psychological and bodily.

Our premonitions say … Exhausting to mention. Perhaps Taissa is in truth possessed via the spirit of a few evil entity — or possibly, Taissa copes together with her intense tension via mountaineering bushes and consuming grime (and possibly her canine, Biscuit?) in her sleep. Let’s hope the finale offers us a semblance of a solution right here.

Who is getting eaten?

The Yellowjackets' descent into madness began last week, when "Doomcoming" turned into a drug-fueled human hunt.

We realize it’s coming, proper? The women are hungry — closing week, they had been consuming grubs and consuming rotten berry juice — they usually stay caution us that iciness is knocking on their cabin door. A ladies football group’s gotta devour someday.

Our premonitions say … Van, already maimed, may just sacrifice herself in order that her buddies and loved Tai might are living — that will be a tearjerker. Or possibly Trainer Scott will meet his finish as dinner — it would not be sudden if Misty barbecued her overwhelm. We won’t see the women get started searching any individual but, even if they did cross after Travis underneath the affect of ‘shrooms. Perhaps we’re going to see extra of that carnage in season two.

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