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Horned helmets predate Vikings via 3,000 years, originating within the Bronze Age, researchers say

On the other hand, two horned helmets first came upon in Viksø, Denmark were traced again to Sardinia within the Bronze Age — dispelling myths that they originated from the Viking technology, in line with analysis revealed within the ancient magazine Praehistorische Zeitschrift in December.

“For a few years in pop culture, folks related the Viksø helmets with the Vikings,” stated Helle Vandkilde, an archaeologist at Aarhus College in Denmark who used to be concerned within the analysis, in a press commentary despatched to CNN.

“However our analysis confirms that the helmets have been deposited within the bathroom in about 900 B.C., nearly 3,000 years in the past and plenty of centuries ahead of the Vikings or Norse ruled the area.”

Equivalent horned helmet imagery has been recognized from the Bronze Age in Sardinia, southwestern Iberia and southern Scandinavia, in line with the find out about.

Right through the Bronze Age in Sardinia, symbols of horned creatures equivalent to bulls had non secular importance, and have been continuously used to embellish Neolithic tombs.

The horned helmet motif is related to Iberia throughout the growth of Phoenician society within the west, the analysis suggests. The Phoenicians have been a gaggle of people that inhabited the coast of Levant, within the japanese Mediterranean, in line with the Metropolitan Museum of Artwork.
Phoenician seafaring routes coincide with the addition of Scandinavia to the community, exposing a Mediterranean-Atlantic sea direction into the Baltic Sea. The helmets don’t have been transported via land, as “the other-wise flourishing transalpine industry direction turns out to were inactive in disseminating the picture of the horned warrior hero,” researchers stated.
Vikings explored the Americas long before Christopher Columbus

“Our find out about presentations that Scandinavian depictions of horned warriors happen concurrently very identical photographs in Sardinia and southwest Spain. This testifies to the tight connections between the good civilisations of Bronze Age Europe; the primary globalisation according to long-distance industry in metals, concepts and luxuries,” Vandkilde added.

“The horned warriors in Scandinavia, Sardinia and Spain all go along with new political regimes sponsored via keep an eye on of metals and new non secular ideals.”

Those that wore horned helmets would were regarded as “the quintessential warrior,” researchers stated.

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